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4 colours Printing Machine

MARTE PLUS is a range of pad printing machines suitable for printing on objects of middle to middle-large size. They can print with 4 colours max. with sealed ink cups of Ø 90 to Ø 130 mm. The maximum printing area can be 155 x 155 mm. In the ‘slide’ version the printing area can be extended to 155 x 400 mm. The machines can be provided with some optional functions such as pad cleaning, hot air and automatic systems for loading and unloading pieces. Experience and technology are foundation for the development and construction of these machines. The scaling and quality of the installed components guarantee the highest reliability of these machines.


PA 1304

Electro-pneumatic pad printing machine of 1 to 3 colours capacity.
Sealed ink cups of Ø 90 mm to Ø 130 mm

Differentiated rubber pads descentes.

Vertical / horizontal / bench axis drive controlled by brushless motors with centesimal precision.

PA 1304


PAS 1601

Electro-pneumatic pad printing machine of 1 colour capacity.
SLIDE version 155 X 400 mm.
Sealed ink cup of Ø 160 mm

Horizontal axis drive controlled by a brushless motor with centesimal precision.

Suitable for printing on objects of large dimensions

PAS 1601