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8 Colours Electromechanical Pad Printing Machine

The EVO Pad Printing machine is designed for high precision performance. It can print up to 8 colours. It is particularly suitable for printing on front panels of household appliances.
Its design and construction lead to an easy change of clichés and ink cups.
The scaling and quality of the installed components guarantee the absolute reliability of the machine. The machine can be completed with some optional functions, such as pad cleaning, hot air, ionizer and ink cups transport trolley, which enhance quality and improve the output.
The quick system set up allows a very flexible use of the machine..

EVO 1308



8 Colours Electromechanical Pad Printing Machine
9 Brushless motors
Clichés and ink cups automatic clamping system

Hermetic Ink Cups: Ø130 mm
Printing area: 120 x 600 mm
OIP Control panel - TOUCH SCREEN


EVO 1308 - Video