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Hot printing

The hot printing and thermal transfer printing are two techniques that allow the easy and fast reproduction of images, starting with monochromatic ones by means of silver, gold or chrome platinum tapes, up to a wide range of colours through different transfer tapes.
In the hot printing process the image to reproduce is engraved on a cliché; the cliché is then fixed on the machine heater head, below which the tape is interposed.
As the heater head presses the tape against the object to be printed, the image is detached from the tape and tranferred to the object through the heat and pressure.



Wide range of colours, usage of monochromatic tapes such as GOLD, SILVER, CHROMIUM PLATE and execution of HOLOGRAMS with a special punching tools.
High printing quality and STABILITY along the years.
Immediate printing with minimum set up time
Trained operators, not necessarily specialized

Printing process

This technique ensures high printing quality and stability over the years. The hot printing ensures a quick execution thanks to the minimized machine set up time; it is also easy of use to any operator.
PRATIKA offers a range of hot printing machines, listed under the MERCURIO series denomination and ranked by printing force related to the surface to be printed.